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6 Reasons to Choose CBD Flower Over Marijuana

Do you judge the quality of your smoke based on it’s percentage of THC?

If so you wouldn’t be alone, as this is commonly a deciding factor for many people when it comes to purchasing from a dispensary. 

But what if I told you that you can enjoy a pleasant smoking experience, and still get the beneficial effects of the cannabis plant, with a little less THC and a little more CBD?

In this article we’ll talk about the differences between CBD flower and marijuana, as well as the top 6 reasons to choose CBD flower over marijuana.

What Is The Difference Between CBD Blower and Marijuana?

To understand the reasons why choosing to smoke CBD flower over marijuana might be appealing to some, it’s best we cover the details about the primary differences between the two. 

In a nutshell, the legal defining difference between CBD flower and marijuana flower is the level of THC it contains. By law, if a Cannabis Sativa L. plant contains 0.3% THC or less by dry weight, it is considered hemp (CBD flower). 

On the other hand, if the plant contains higher levels of THC, anymore than 0.3%, it’s technically considered to be “marijuana” and is still a federally illegal substance. 

6 Reasons To Smoke CBD Flower Instead Marijuana

Now that the differences are clear, check out these 6 reasons to smoke CBD instead of marijuana.

  1. Legalities

If you happen to live in a state where marijuana has not yet been legalized either medically or recreationally, it’s probably in your best interest to stay within your legal boundaries. Typically speaking, you can find CBD flower available almost anywhere although it's always a good idea to double check with your local and state laws beforehand.

Many people who want to enjoy the health benefits of smokable hemp since recreational marijuana might not necessarily be something that’s available to them.

  1. CBD Flower is Non-Intoxicating

The truth is, not everybody wants to get baked. That being said, there are still ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD without getting mentally zoned out. Whether they don’t want to worry about failing a drug test, or they simply don’t enjoy the experience of being high, smoking CBD flower instead of marijuana is a great way to keep your THC level intake low.

  1. THC Might Be Linked To Higher Feelings of Anxiety

The way that THC affects the part of our brain known as the amygdala says everything you need to know about THC as it relates to anxiety. According to Healthline, the amygdala is a collection of cells near the base of the brain and it is primarily responsible for giving meaning to our emotions and being able to process them.

When THC is consumed it floods our brain and binds to the receptors throughout. The THC sometimes overstimulates our amygdala and this process of overstimulation can cause irrational and heightened feelings of anxiety, paranoia and fear.²

  1. Research Shows CBD May Provide A Variety of Health Benefits

As modern science continues to progress and make discoveries about health and wellness, so does the public interest in holistic medicine. Now, more than ever, everybody’s on the search for the most naturally effective route, and this hunt takes many people straight to CBD.

CBD is still being researched in all kinds of different ways and for many different reasons, but according to Medical News Today⁴ some of the most commonly cited health benefits currently being explored regarding CBD include:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Headaches
  • PTSD
  • Nausea
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Seizure disorders

  1. CBD is Typically Well-Tolerated...THC Can Be A Coin-Toss

Generally speaking, most of the folks who take CBD, have no negative side effects. Not to say that there aren’t ANY but it would appear that is uncommon. Most cases reported end up being because the typical results turned bad when being combined with certain medications.

Individuals who consume THC on a regular and potent basis may experience negative mental effects as well as negative physiological effects such as: slower coordination times, heightened feelings of anxiety, increased heart rate, and memory loss.

  1. Marijuana Use Disorder

The overuse of marijuana can cause an addiction problem known as marijuana use disorder. Despite the majority of people who claim that marijuana is not addictive (and for some, it’s not) data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse says that nearly 30% of consumers who use marijuana, have developed some varying degree of dependence.³ This means that 30% of people who regularly use marijuana will experience withdrawal symptoms when they slow down their intake or stop altogether. 

Marijuana use disorder is a real thing and can lead to real problems. This psychological and physiological dependance can cause a whole number negative side effects such as long-term memory loss, higher levels of psychiatric disorders, 

So, CBD or THC? Which One is Best?

The answer to this question truly depends on your reasons for usage, and the way your body responds to cannabis.

If you’ve never tried CBD before, the best way to begin is by microdosing. Microdosing is the term used to describe the method of administering small, regular quantities of CBD to your body, so you can effectively measure your body’s reaction. This is perfect for anyone new to CBD who wants to introduce it into their system in a controlled and measured fashion.

As we mentioned above, if you live in a state where marijuana is still illegal on a state level, its advised you choose CBD for your method of remedy.

However if you are someone who lives in a state where a full-on dispensary is located just a hop, skip and a jump away and you’re curious about trying marijuana, of course that is your prerogative. Medically speaking, marijuana with higher levels of THC is preferred for those who are medicating to cope with serious and advanced illnesses. 

Final Thoughts

After reading through this information how do you feel about smoking marijuana vs smoking CBD flower? If you’ve ever had an unpleasant experience involving too much THC, you might be able to relate to those increased feelings of paranoia and anxiety. If you are one of those people CBD is likely the best choice for you!


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