Our Story

Jeffrey’s is all about giving you all the good stuff and none of the bulls!t. We’ve created arguably the best hemp cigarette in the world, designed as a better-for-you alternative to tobacco and precisely formulated with beneficial CBD. 

Founded by two childhood friends from Upstate New York, we started Jeffrey’s after realizing the the positive effects of smokable hemp and that cigarette smokers seek a smarter option than the current products available. 

We then spent nearly a year on research and development, testing countless samples and formulations until we found something we could confidently stand behind and would personally use ourselves. 

This endless pursuit of perfection led us to arrive at a solution that provides the same sensory experience of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarettes - without the tobacco, nicotine or harmful chemicals. Utilizing only the finest, 100% organic, American-grown premium hemp which is meticulously grown, cultivated and tested. Undergoing rigorous quality control measures to ensure optimal taste and aroma - we are able to uphold the highest standards without sacrificing price or composition. 

Our alternative is intended to reduce nicotine dependency amongst smokers, the #1 addiction in America, by providing a plant-based solution to satisfy the physical craving of combustible smoking. Since each pack contains over 1,000mg of CBD it also improves the overall daily well-being of our customers. 

With combined decades of leadership experience in both hemp and vape markets; we understand the needs of our customers and are excited to share a product with you that will truly help. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to continually pioneering within the hemp industry to provide a more sustainable and better alternative for tobacco users - by combining responsible application of science with organic practices to always maintain a fully natural product. 

Our company is built around the core principles of quality, consistency and compassion. To deliver an exceptional product, at an affordable price, that will actually help improve others’ lives. 

Utilizing only the finest hemp grown in the USA, our business fully supports American farmers.  We help to create more American jobs by relying solely on US based manufacturing, distribution and suppliers. 

We also feel a strong responsibility to the environment. Because traditional cigarette butts are the #1 littered item in the world, which is a widely unaddressed problem, we’ve developed a proprietary biodegradable filter that eliminates the impact to our oceans. To learn more about our environmental efforts, click here