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Yes. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, the Federal Government made hemp legal, provided it contains less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC. This has ensured a safe and legal marketplace for our products. Jeffrey's is designed, grown and manufactured to comply with all Farm Bill requirements making it legal to buy and consume in all 50 states! (Please note many states and/or local municipalities are attempting to ban smokeable hemp products. We will update our site frequently with news on any restrictions that may come into existence as well as ways to fight these unfair bans!)

From a physical appearance perspective, they are basically the same. Both are intended to be smoked. The difference is, Jeffrey’s do not contain any tobacco or nicotine - unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes. We also don’t include any of the harmful chemicals as traditional tobacco cigarettes (over 7,000 on average). Jeffrey's is also rich in CBD (over 1,000mg per pack), additional cannabinoids & terpenes which makes Jeffrey's one of the best ways to get the healing powers of CBD naturally and inexpensively.

at Jeffrey’s we have witnessed the ecological impact cigarette butts have taken on our planet, and it led us on a mission. If we wanted to make the worlds best cigarette, we need to first make the worlds best filter.

The Jeffrey's Truflow filter is 100% biodegradable and it is comprised mostly of plant materials and wood pulp. Jeffrey's Truflow are environmentally friendly and will completely denigrate in water or decompose on land. (This is not an excuse to litter. Please be sure to throw away your butts!)

The majority of filtered hemp cigarettes simply use repurposed tobacco filters, which gives the user an experience of trying to pull a marble through a straw. Jeffrey's Truflow filters deliver an unmatched smoking experience that brings out the rich flavors and nuanced undertones by allowing for an even & consistent burn, ultimately improving consumer satisfaction by upwards of ~75%.

Traditional tobacco cigarette filters are made of a plastic called cellulose acetate. This is not only harmful when smoked, but is extremely detrimental to the environment. Cigarette filters are the most littered item in the world and are especially hazardous to our oceans and waterways. A traditional tobacco cigarette filter can take up to a decade to decompose. 

No. Jeffrey’s do not contain any tobacco, or nicotine. Instead, it is made utilizing organic hemp flower. 

Every pack of Jeffrey's contains more than 1,000mg of CBD. Each cigarette contains approximately 50mg of CBD.

Keep that in mind next time you see a bottle of CBD oil. The average price for 1,000mg of CBD oil can range from $50-$150!

As all full spectrum hemp products do, Jeffrey's does contain a trace amount of THC (below the federally legal limit of course). This amount is less than .3% and will not produce any of the psychoactive effects that regular cannabis would. 

This is hard to say and likely dependent on how accurate the drug test is. Jeffrey's is rich in legal cannabinoids and does contain a trace amount of THC - so there is a possibility it could effect the results. But typically this does not show up on drug tests.

to make Jeffrey’s, first we start with the highest quality, 100% organic, full panel tested, American grown hemp flower.

Jeffrey’s are made using best-in-class manufacturing methods, right here in the USA. Using a proprietary process to prep the contents (dry material) to ensure it’s properly cured for the optimal smoking experience, we then utilize a ten step protocol to ensure it’s free of stems and seeds. After the dry material is analyzed to ensure proper quality, it's sent off to be batch tested at our independent lab. Once it's approved it’s then ran through our proprietary production equipment and filled into cigarettes. Jeffrey's is 100% USA made, grown and consumed!

While the majority of other hemp cigarettes are manufactured on machines designed for use with tobaccos, we use proprietary equipment specifically designed to manufacture hemp, which can be hard to work with given that it's rich in thick oils and tends to be stickier than tobacco, ensuring exceptional quality. 

Jeffrey's is 100% USA Made. From seed to sale. Our hemp is grown in the USA, through contracted farms (we support American Farmers) and our production facility is in California. 

No, we do not use any chemicals or fillers. Just pure American-grown 100% organic hemp. 

Jeffrey’s is available in select retail locations across the US. Use our Store Finder to see where it’s available in nearby your location. We are growing our retail footprint to ensure Jeffrey’s are available in most gas stations or convenience stores across the US and select locations in Europe. 


This product is not intended as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or smoking cessation tool. However, the physical act of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette can be replaced with smoking a Jeffrey, and CBD has been show to reduce nicotine cravings.

You must be of legal smoking age to buy Jeffrey's. Please check your local or state laws.

To ensure best quality and experience, its recommended Jeffrey’s be consumed within one year of the purchase date. Sealed packs typically help retain the quality and taste for longer.

You can view our Full-Panel Lab Test COA here

Shipping - Returns - Exchanges

As of Nov 1, 2020 we currently ship to all 50 states. With the regulatory framework of hemp still being adjusted in many states we expect to see some states be removed from our shipping list. (NY currently has pending legislation that would ban smokeable hemp)

Orders are shipped out Monday - Friday and in most cases are shipped USPS Priority, which typically takes 2-3 days for delivery once it is picked up.

No. If you are a business and interested in a large order, you can signup for our wholesale program here

We ship to some foreign countries for an additional fee. If you’d like to order and live outside the US, please contact us first to ensure we ship to your country prior to placing an order. 

No. We do not require signature for orders. 

Once you’ve successfully purchased you will be emailed a tracking number to check on the status and location of your package. You can also track using the Shop app for iOS and Android. 

There is no recommended limit and ultimately depends on the user. You can't overdose or ingest too much hemp, so that should not be a concern. Typically, we suggest consuming the same amount as you normally would of traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you’re not a current tobacco smoker, then the amount depends on what you feel works for you.

Yes. We offer a full refund on the cost of product if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. 

Return requests must me made within 30 days of receiving delivery. To qualify for a refund, you must return any unused product and it’s original packaging. To submit a return request, please click here. 

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