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9 Tips And Tricks for Buying Hemp Cigarettes Online in 2021

Online shopping is quite the norm these days.

You can buy your groceries online. You can buy your gifts online. And, yes, you can even buy your CBD cigarettes online.

With a no shortage of incentives for buying online in 2021— it’s no wonder why BigCommerce predicts the Ecommerce industry will account for nearly 22% of retail sales on a global level by as soon as 2023.¹

The impact of COVID-19 has forced many people to consider other ways of getting their products. Most people who choose to do their shopping online are doing so in order to avoid the hassle of leaving their home. This can largely be attributed to the idea that the more opportunity you get to dodge a crowded place (such as the grocery store), the less likely you are to be exposed.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Hemp Cigarettes Online?

Online shopping for CBD cigarettes might feel overwhelming at first blush. Especially if you’ve never tried them before, or if you’ve had a bad experience with a sketchy brand in the past.

But when compared to buying in-person at a brick and mortar store, you might just find buying your CBD pre-rolls online is actually much more ideal.

For instance, as soon as you walk into a physical location chances are there’s never a sales associate too far away. And even though they usually have only good intentions with their nearby presence, oftentimes they are pushy and create unnecessary pressure on the customer to buy.

When shopping online for your hemp cigarettes, there will be zero pressure, and you can take as long as you need to read through the product information and make the right choice for you.

Additionally, this method of browsing your ideal product allows you easily compare prices between different brands of hemp companies. Not to mention, the convenience of making just a few clicks to purchase from the comfort of your own home makes the whole process quite obviously very ideal.

Whatever the reason you’ve decided to look into buying hemp cigarettes online, we hope this thorough list of 9 tips will help you make the most informed decision possible.

9 Tips for Buying CBD Cigarettes Online

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) - First thing is first. A certificate of analysis is a must. A COA is an official document from a lab facility that has analyzed the product, and reviewed the makeup of the hemp on a molecular level. Not only will this help you understand the contents of the hemp in the product, but it also speaks to the transparency of the company you’re dealing with. Going the extra mile to present the CBD flower lab results clearly on their website should be a sign of an authentic brand who clearly cares about your safety. To learn more about what a hemp certificate of analysis is and how to read one, check out a full article dedicated to exactly that on our blog. 
  • Reviews - Social proof has been part of the secret sauce to a solid marketing strategy for years and years. These are important because they speak to the brand’s integrity. When hemp companies fulfill the promises they offer, it shows that customer experience is important to them. With so many bad actors in the industry who are only interested in making a quick dollar, searching out the genuine companies who are truly trying to make an impact can be important.  
  • Research more than one brand - Buying hemp cigarettes online shouldn’t be something that’s done willy nilly. Doing your due diligence when it comes to the entire process can go a long way in ensuring you have a good online shopping experience. There are countless brands spanning innumerable industries in the year of 2021. It might be tempting to jump on a bandwagon or make an impulsive buying decision. But resisting the urge to take a short-cut, and taking the time to be thorough in your extraction of information will serve you well
  • Are hemp cigarettes legal in your state? - Be safe, not sorry. Double-check before you buy.
  • Understand the company’s return policy - As with any other first-time online purchase you definitely want to make sure you understand the return guidelines. Do they offer a refund? Will they give you store credit? Oftentimes this information can be found right on the company’s website. Part of the risk involved with ordering CBD cigarettes online is you can’t be 100% sure exactly what you’re getting until it arrives at your doorstep. Knowing the details about how they handle returns will keep you prepared.
  • Avoid complicated websites - If you visit the website of a company that sells CBD cigarettes and you feel confused by how to purchase, go ahead and jump ship. Your purchasing process should be as simple as possible and if their whole thing seems odd or inconvenient, it can be a sign of an underdeveloped brand. There are more distinguished players in the game. Go find them.
  • Have realistic expectations for shipping times and possible delays - During such a time when we’re seeing online shopping numbers peaking, keep in mind the strain this is putting on the United States Postal Service (USPS). Business owners are doing the best they can. So do your best to be understanding and patient for your package.
  • Get your questions answered - Have a question that you can’t find the answer to on the company’s website or social media? Reach out to the company personally. They’ll likely be more than happy to answer any questions you might have for them.
  • Always make sure your wifi is secure - The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) claims that credit card fraud is the number one avenue of identity theft.² Ordering your hemp cigarettes online through an unsecured network like a coffee shop wifi may put you at higher risk for this problem.

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    Final Thoughts

    Buying anything online these days can be a suspenseful endeavor. Especially when you’re in new territory, with a new company. We hope this checklist will help you avoid numerous potential problems that other customers have frequently encountered within the industry. 


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