Staying safe in your pursuit to find the best CBD product for you should be your number one priority. After all, as someone who uses CBD (or is planning to use CBD) chances are your health is likely important to you since you understand that CBD can help enhance it.

Hemp cigarettes are all the rage in the CBD industry and if you’ve not tried one, then you’re missing out on a truly amazing experience. Yet, some people remain reluctant to try hemp cigarettes because they either feel like they don’t know enough information about smokable hemp, or they fear that smoking hemp cigarettes is dangerous or could possibly lead to addiction. 

If that sounds like you and how you ended up clicking on this article, read on to learn just how safe hemp cigarettes really are. In this article we’ll cover things such as: What is a CBD cigarette? Who are hemp cigarettes for? What are the side effects of smoking hemp flower? And are hemp cigarettes addictive?

What is a CBD Cigarette?

The term ‘cigarette’ originates from France meaning “little cigar”.¹

But the major difference between traditional tobacco cigarettes and hemp cigarettes is merely the swapping of high-quality hemp for tobacco. 

A hemp cigarette is often also referred to as a CBD cigarette. Hemp cigarettes are typically premium quality hemp flower that’s been carefully grown and harvested before being put into the preroll and packaged for enjoyment.

What is in a hemp cigarette?

The answer to this question varies vastly from one hemp flower brand to another. Typically you’ll only find hemp flower rolled into the rolling paper.

What you get from that hemp cigarette depends on the cannabinoid profile of the flower you smoke. For instance, different strains of hemp provide different effects for people because the contents of the flower provoke a different reaction from the body. 

To learn more information about hemp cigarettes check out this article we wrote just for you.

Who Are Hemp Cigarettes for?

Hemp cigarettes are for anyone who is of legal age, and has done their research on what they are and what they do. 

There are many different reasons why smokable hemp is so popular. Consumers claim it helps alleviate stress, increase their appetites, and in some cases helps restore their entire sense of well-being. Not to mention, this is a fabulous alternative to smoking cannabis in places where marijuana is still illegal.

Hemp cigarettes are also for consumers who truly enjoy smoking the cannabis plant, but would prefer not to feel the psychoactive effects brought on by higher levels of THC. Since the hemp plant has such high amounts of CBD, smoking hemp flower is more ideal than smoking potent marijuana flower.

A resource from The Brightfield Group states that CBD usage by generation has gone up across the board since the COVID-19 pandemic came crashing down on the nation.² This research indicates CBD usage might be motivated by the amount of stress one feels.

Even though CBD is most often well-tolerated among most consumers, the list of negative potential side effects according to the Mayo Clinic are as follows:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Drowsiness and fatigue³

Again, it's important to remember that very few people experience these types of side effects. In fact, the list of miraculous things CBD can do for the body far outweigh the bad. For instance Healthline lists the following benefits CBD can offer:

  • Potential pain reliever 
  • Supports elevated mood by easing anxiety and depression
  • Can ease symptoms of nausea
  • And has potential neuroprotective properties⁴

What Makes Someone Prone to Becoming Addicted to Substances?

People get addicted to things for almost an infinite number of reasons. One thing you can be certain of about addiction is this—it can grab hold of any person on the planet. No matter your status. No matter your age. No matter your circumstance. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can leave devastating effects on a family. 

One question often pondered around this topic of conversation is: What kinds of characteristics make someone prone to falling prey to addiction? 

The American Addiction Centers produced the following list of traits that point to a greater risk for addiction:⁵

  • If an individual has family members who are addicted
  • If the individual suffers from any kind of mental illness such as PTSD, schizophrenia, or depression
  • The person is abnormally adventurous or known to be a risk-taker
  • The individual is apathatic⁵

In short, there is no one single factor that pegs one individual as someone who is at risk to becoming addicted to substances more easily than others but rather a list of circumstances or underlying factors that may or may not contribute to that as a potential outcome.

Now, let’s talk about the idea of hemp cigarettes being addictive.

Are Hemp Cigarettes Addictive?

The short answer is no, for the majority of the population, hemp cigarettes are not addictive. 

Usually, the factors that make one prone to addiction only pertain to drugs which have significant psychoactive effects. The average person will be able to easily manage his or her usage of such a type of drug, but an individual with the traits listed above might have a hard time.

That being said, CBD hemp flower does not typically deliver such an outcome. Users of CBD will be the first to admit that CBD doesn’t make you feel high, therefore, where would the fear of addiction come into play? 

In fact, CBD actually has counteractive effects for THC, changing the experience from a psychoactive high, to a calm-clear minded but still elevated experience. 

Final Thoughts

Hemp cigarettes are generally safe for everyone who is of legal age to partake. The health benefits of CBD largely contribute to good overall experiences involving the consumption of CBD flower.

Now that you know your hemp cigarette is safe and can rest easy knowing you’re not going to become a hemp cigarette addict, we hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of smoking CBD flower knowing you’re staying safe.


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