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The Future Of Smokable Hemp

Everyone is curious about the future of smokable hemp and how it stands to evolve as time goes on. People have questions and we want to provide answers. In this article we dive into some commonly asked questions about the current and future state of the smokable hemp market. 

CBD flower refers to the flower of the hemp plant that contains high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Smoking CBD flower has become a go-to method of consuming CBD due to its instantaneous effects and pleasant experience.

The Current State and Future of the CBD Market as a Whole 

The CBD industry is on a roll and appears to have no intentions of slowing down over the next few years. In fact, the Brightfield Group reports the CBD hemp industry may even grow to an estimated billion by as soon as 2022.⁴ CBD Flower Affiliate Program members love the sound of this!

As if the CBD industry weren’t picking up steam on it’s own, the 2020 COVID pandemic has propelled many cannabis consumers to use more than they did prior to the outbreak. 

As a matter of fact, as much as 87% of cannabis consumers admit consuming cannabis helps them deal with the stress of the pandemic.² Totally understandable! 

But, how much of this pertains to smoking CBD flower? 

The public in general has been rightfully wary of anything that could put their lungs at risk. One might even venture to assume consumers have been choosing to smoke CBD less considering the nature of the health crisis we’ve been a part of for the majority of 2020, but you’d be wrong!

Actually, 67% of these consumers report smoking more than normal due to both stress and boredom.²

The History of Smokable Hemp

Before we can look into the crystal ball and attempt to see the future of smokable hemp, first it only makes sense that we would take a look at the history of smokable hemp.

While the 2018 farm bill opened the door for legal hemp cultivation, which paved the way for smokable hemp products, this is not the first time in history that we as civilization have enjoyed the effects of smoking hemp flower. 

In the 17th century shortly after Columbus arrived in America, Europe began the tradition of smoking tobacco in ceremonial pipes.¹ It became the go-to way to unwind after a hard day of work and soon they began to experiment and try to improve the taste and overall experience of smoking. During one of these experiments, hemp was added and its pleasurable effects prompted more use.

Although it was extremely common for most men to enjoy a smoke to unwind from their work day, it wasn’t considered acceptable behavior. The act of smoking went against the European Christian morals, but persisted nonetheless.¹

Current Smokable Hemp Market

The current smokable hemp market has arrived as a surprise to many but is absolutely here to stay. Unfortunately, there remains some legal grey area due to its similar appearance and scent. This has been a significant reason behind the recent smokable hemp bans in some states; however, the industry is hopeful in expecting to iron out these kinks in the upcoming years. 

Those who dominate the market now include a large segment of millennials, hemp connoisseurs, and individuals pursuing smokable hemp as a means to quit smoking tobacco.

Hemp Industry Daily projects the current smokable hemp market is to reach $80 million in 2020.³

This includes:

  • Loose CBD flower
  • Smokable hemp pre-rolls
  • Cigars
  • Other combustibles.

The smokable hemp pre-rolls section of this list claims $40 million all on its own, and this is only for the year 2020.³


The Future of Smokable Hemp Flower 

Everyone is eager to see the future of hemp flower come to fruition because we know it’s going to be good. With projections in the billions over the next couple of years alone, it’s hard not to be excited about the future possibilities this sector of the CBD industry has to offer.

By 2025, the smokable hemp market is looking to grow to between 0 million and 0 million, as cbd hemp affiliates rejoice. This kind of growth is on one hand remarkable, astounding, and jaw-dropping; yet, on the other hand, not particularly surprising, given the rapid pace at which the cannabis industry seems to move. 

This slice of the CBD industry is expected to see many players jumping into the game due to the lucrative nature of smokable hemp.

Final Thoughts 

In our recent article “Why Did Smokable Hemp So Popular?” we talk about the appeal of smokable hemp and who that appeal seems to attract. 

One reason why smokable hemp is only going to become more popular is because believe it or not, there is a large group of consumers who haven’t even learned about smokable hemp yet. 

In truth. It has only legally been a legal thing for just a couple of years and America is still working out the kinks with the smokable hemp industry. Many of the smokable hemp bans are currently being fought in court and are likely to eventually be overturned. Soon enough every single person no matter where they live might be able to enjoy a hemp cigarette without fear of breaking the law.

Another reason why smokable hemp is becoming so popular is due to the number of individuals who are trying so desperately to quit smoking. If there become multiples of individuals who are able to successfully quit the nicotine by using hemp cigarettes in place of nicotine replacement therapy, then it stands to reason that more and more people might decide to try it out. 

Most smokers who want to quit have already tried many options. In a few years this may be the number one way to make a healthier choice.

Another thing we can expect to see in the future of smokable hemp, is the manufacturing of hemp cigarettes that include lesser-known cannabinoids to appeal to more discerning hemp connoisseurs.

What is a hemp connoisseur and how can this information be applicable to this article?

Consuming CBD usually provides a calming and relaxing effect no matter the THC level. Not enough to make one feel inebriated but enough to feel a noticeable difference in overall well-being. 

Are wholesale hemp cigarettes a safer alternative to tobacco? Read more on that here! (link to Hemp Cigarettes VS Tobacco Cigarettes.)


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