Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
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Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp
Jeffrey’s - Jeffreys Hemp

Premium Hemp CBD Cigarettes

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Jeffrey’s™ Hemp - Premium CBD Cigarettes

  • Over 1,000mg of CBD in every pack
  • Each hemp stick contains approx. 50mg of CBD
  • 20 per pack
  • Tobacco free, nicotine free
  • Made from pure smokable hemp flower buds (no wild biomass)
  • Same size, weight and feel as a traditional cigarette
  • Without the harmful stuff found in tobacco
  • Full spectrum hemp for enhanced entourage effect & wellness benefits
  • Rich in all natural cannabinoids & terpenes 
  • Proudly grown and made in the USA
  • 100% organic & free from pesticides & heavy metals
  • Clean full-panel COA lab tests
  • Pre rolled and ready to use 
  • Wrapped in unbleached organic hemp paper
  • Truflow™ biodegradable plant-based filters
  • Rich, bold & satisfying flavor
  • Even, smooth & consistent burn when smoking
  • Top rated & reviewed 
  • Best hempettes brand of 2020
  • A better-for-you tobacco replacement
  • Without high cost of traditional cigs
  • All the benefits of medicinal cannabis
  • No paranoia or feeling high from THC
  • 100% legal & compliant in the USA
  • Buy the highest quality CBD smokes online with lightning fast home delivery
  • Contains less than .3% delta-9-thc 

Nothing compares to the real thing

Sure, you have options (like vaping). But for whatever reason nothing gives you the same satisfaction of lighting a cigarette. So why not choose one that's 100% organic?

There's no social shaming here

Tobacco cigarettes are dirty. Sometimes you want to smoke one, but are hesitant of the reaction from other non-smokers. Since this is fully plant based, there's not the same social stigmas. 

Smoking CBD has multiple benefits

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? There are numerous benefits of CBD and smoking is the quickest and most effective way of realizing all that CBD has to offer. 


CBD Delivery Method

100% Organic

Plant-based alternative

View Lab Tests

The Entourage effect

Full Spectrum Hemp

packed with cbd

1,000mg of CBD in every pack


Biodegradable Filter

full bodied taste

Terpenes & Flavors

Learn more about terpenes

Tobacco Alternative

Smoking a jeffrey provides the same ritualistic and physical experience of smoking a cigarette. We won't reiterate the numerous detrimental effects tobacco cigarettes have on your health, so just know that there's now a more conscious option if you still have the urge to smoke something combustable. According to a recent study published by Addictive Behaviors, evidence exists that proves CBD may help people looking to quit / reduce tobacco. In the study, smokers who used CBD throughout the day smoked fewer cigarettes than usual and reported less nicotine cravings. 

Vaping Alternative

When vape products first emerged they were believed to be a 'healthier' alternative to smoking. Much of this has been disproven recently after a rise in vaping lead to a national health epidemic of illness and lung injuries. Concerns surrounding vaping stem from the various chemicals used in vape solutions; specifically vitamin E acetate. As an alternative to vaping, smoking CBD contains no harmful ingredients and is only comprised of 100% natural and organic matter. When you #smokeajeffrey you're only smoking the hemp plant with no added or harmful ingredients. 

Daily Well-Being

CBD has numerous advantages over marijuana. For ages marijuana has been used to alleviate stress, however recent research shows that high amounts of THC in marijuana can actually enhance feelings of anxiousness or paranoia. CBD is not the same as THC. While still a cannabinoid within marijuana, CBD provides calming effects that are much more subtle than marijuana. This can lead to an overall improvement in daily well-being. According to a recent publication by Neurotherapeutics, they confirmed CBD may be helpful in improving symptoms of anxiety. 

Light up your life