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Premium Hemp CBD Cigarettes

Great. Helped me quit tobacco

I got these to help with the anxiety of quitting nicotine. They worked fantastic. I plan on having a pack around for whenever I get triggered (having a drink, taking a 5 at work, driving long periods of time) to have a smoke. These are very smooth tasting and less harsh than cigarettes as well. Everyone thinks I'm smoking weed which is hilarious. I would recommend these to anyone.

Best quality, best deal as well! Thank you!

Feel so much better, and I only have to have, half of one! I am so grateful for this product!

Literally best smell and taste and effects

Super potent. Def isn’t thc but is the most potent Cbd flower I’ve ever had. I love it. I would smoke this strain exclusively for my Cbd needs. It’s a great strain and super terpy. 10:10. Only problem is it smells very strong. The jars are not the best quality. Maybe next time vacuum seal because the smell was very strong when the nail guy brought it.

Jupiter OG

Great for tired muscles and sleep. Tastes and smells amazing!

Jeffrey's CBD Cigarettes

Gave Jeffrey's a try and loved them. Their CBD cigarettes are great, they taste great, hit smooth, give me a general sense of calm also love they are made from unbleached hemp paper and have the perfect filter.




Insanely GOOD

They're not lying when they say this stuff is good! I opened the eight and my entire house smelled - my wife thought there was a skunk outside LOL. Great flavor and smokes perfect.


Smokes good. Decent flavor. Doesn’t leave you smelling like an ashtray. Good alternative to cigarettes or vapes. Would be cool if it had a menthol flavor.



Best one!

I have tried and sampled just about every hemp cigarette out and I can say that Jeffrey’s is my favorite. Overall the best flavor, smooth burning, filter i love, and the price point gives them an impressive value. I’m subscribed to the subscription and delivery and customer service has been excellent. A+


Can't say enough good things about these Jeffrey's cigarettes! Helped me transition of tobacco and im digging the health benefits of cbd!