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6 Reasons to Buy Your Hemp Cigarettes from Jeffrey’s Hemp

Hemp cigarettes are turning into one of the most surprising yet popular trends to emerge from the cannabis industry to date.

These little CBD cigarettes are winning hearts left and right for many reasons. Not only do they deliver the effects of CBD quick, fast, and in a hurry—but they also give the customer an opportunity to consume cannabis without feeling any paranoia from the potent THC levels.

This is ideal for many who live where medical and recreational marijuana are not legal, or for those who have once had a bad experience from smoking marijuana with too much THC.

As hemp cigarette brands across the world fine-tune their products to reflect the needs they see from their customers, there is one hemp cigarette brand which, we believe, quite frankly, has left everyone else in the dust. 

Since hemp flower CBD cigarettes are such a new concept for so many people, it’s hard to know what one should really be looking for in a hemp brand.

First of all, the industry is still in the midst of settling on many official rules and regulations. For this reason it’s hard to really pinpoint what constitutes a brand of integrity when there’s no set list of industry standards to hold it accountable to. Another reason why you may not be sure what to look for in a hemp cigarette brand could be because you’ve never purchased hemp cigarettes before! 

In this article, we’d like to address all of the above, so keep reading to learn more about what makes Jeffrey’s Hemp cigarettes one of the best you’ll find on the market.

What to Look for in a Hemp Brand? 

As we mentioned earlier, some of the official rules are still hazy in many aspects of the legal cannabis industry. 

So what signs point to high-quality in a hemp flower brand? Well, for starters, as we mentioned last week in our article 9 Tips and Tricks for Buying Hemp Cigarettes Online, CBD companies who have their Certificates of Analysis (COA) displayed on their website should be chosen over those without.

Getting the hemp tested by a third-party lab provides peace of mind for the consumer and hemp company alike. If a brand truly cares about consumer safety, this should be a non-issue.

In addition to a proudly displayed COA, another thing to consider might be the brand’s impact on the world. When doing your research, ask yourself: “Is this company attached to a bigger mission?” Any organization that is motivated to spread positivity and work toward a bigger goal than themselves is going to be chock-full of compassionate team members. 

Lastly, since social proof is the most telling of all forms of proof that exist, look into the reviews the company has on their product. Whether listed directly on their website or perhaps the social media profiles—taking a look at their product reviews might just tell you everything you need to know.

6 Reasons Why Jeffrey’s Hemp Is the Best Hemp Cigarette Brand on the Market

Many CBD brands go into business with good intentions but lack the elements of a company that can fully support their customers. Although it may seem biased to claim the title of “best hemp cigarette on the market” we have specific reasons to back up this bold declaration.

Read through the following list to learn why you should get your CBD cigarettes from Jeffrey’s Hemp.

  1. Jeffrey’s Hemp cigarette brand strives to make a positive environmental impact.

Most cigarettes are made with filters that contain harmful plastic chemicals inside of them which can take up to 15 years to be broken down.

Unfortunately, tossing the filter to the ground is one of the most automatic ways for many people to dispose of their cigarette butts. What’s even more disheartening is the majority of them do this without so much as a second thought. We all know someone who oh so casually flicks their butt out the window every time they finish smoking in the car. Did you know that the city of San Francisco spends $7.5 million a year just cleaning up cigarette butts!¹

Jeffrey’s Hemp set out to make sure their filters would never contribute to that problem. By engineering a special proprietary, plant-based, 100% biodegradable filter, they have taken a monumental step forward in protecting the future of our environment.   

  1. Offer a better-for-you alternative to tobacco cigarettes. 

With hemp flower pre-rolls that are almost identical in size and shape to a traditional tobacco cigarette, it may allow for a smooth transition to better habits. For those who have been struggling with being addicted to tobacco cigarettes this could be the option they needed to finally succeed.

  1. Jeffrey’s Hemp is committed to consumer education.

Trying to learn the nuances of the CBD hemp flower industry can be intimidating. It’s hard to know where you can turn for solid information and explanations to your questions. That’s why Jeffrey’s hemp works to keep an updated blogroll, with deep-dive answers to your most common CBD flower questions. That goes for the questions you’ve always wondered about as well as the questions you never knew you had. This industry is full of surprising twists and turns and Jeffrey’s Hemp is honored to be the one keeping you up-to-date on the most relevant and educational CBD information available.

  1. Full panel COA results displayed on the website.

For your easy viewing and peace of mind, Jeffrey’s Hemp keeps their COA’s posted right on the website. As one of the best hemp cigarette manufacturers on the market, Jeffrey’s Hemp is dedicated to full transparency as they are to consumer education.

  1. Jeffrey’s Hemp cigarettes are made with all-natural hemp 100% organic, unadulterated, unprocessed, high-cbd hemp flower.

It really doesn’t get much higher quality than that. The pre-rolls you’ll find at Jeffrey’s have each been crafted with artisan hemp flower, rich with CBD and other equally incredible cannabinoids. This provides a full-spectrum experience resulting in the “entourage effect” and allowing for a powerful wellness boost. 

  1. Jeffrey’s Hemp has top-notch product reviews.

Hearing how a product has or has not worked for someone else can play a major role in the purchase decision. The peace of mind that comes with knowing others have had a great experience with a company goes a long way in creating and building trust between the brand and the company.

Jeffrey’s hemp is full of 5-star reviews, from real people who shared their opinions to help you know you’re in the best spot you could possibly be to buy your CBD flower cigarettes.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a CBD hemp flower company that’s right for you could never be more easy, nor more obvious. As one of the industry’s leaders in CBD hemp flower, Jeffrey’s Hemp remains a force to be reckoned with in the smokable hemp scene.

Perhaps what stands out the most when examining this premium brand as a choice for your source of hemp cigarettes is their obvious dedication to quality and safety. If you’re currently on the hunt for the best hemp cigarette on the market, bookmark this page because it doesn’t get any better than Jeffrey’s Hemp.


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